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The Four Elements of the Wise

  • $18.95
"Working with the Magickal Powers of Earth, Air, Water, Fire"
Author: Ivo Dominguez
Pages: 240
Type: Paperback
An in-depth exploration of the elements, their lore, history, correspondences, and use in spell-work & ritual. The four elements are the pillars that uphold the manifest world and anchor spirit to matter. They are associated with a wide range of spiritual entities, from small elementals to divine beings. This book explores the consciousness of the elements, providing a system of understanding that supports most of the magic of the West and paganism.
The use of the elements in a wide range of systems and practices will be examined. Much has been written about the elements already; this book offers new teachings for newcomers and long-time practitioners alike. Each of the elements is explored, including how they interact and change as they rise on the planes, practical applications for working with them, and concludes with the union of the elements that is more than just becoming Spirit, but the completion of the Great Work.

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