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Hapiisis, the beginning

Hapiisis, the beginning

Hapiisis (hah-pee-sis) celebrates masculine and feminine energies.  Hapi & Isis --- sounds a lot like 'happy sis' doesn't it?! Most importantly, the union of the two, supporting balance and oneness. As spiritual beings, when the duality is honored, we are more aligned with Self. When this alignment occurs, we can tap into our purpose, and be of service to others.  

Hapiisis is also about community! We are our happiest when customers visit and form a connection with our shop. In these moments, we get to appreciate life, because a genuine exchange takes place. Our customers love the smell of our shop, the tunes playing on the record player, and the products we sell to nurture their individual growth. 

We value each person who walks through our door, even just to say "hello." 

We value each person who visits our website. 

We are honored to have created such a place to be used as a vessel.

We are excited to know there are people who can now call Hapiisis their second home.

For this experience, we hold close to our heart, and we exhale a deep breath of gratitude. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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