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Nourish your soul + Protect your space!

Nourish your soul + Protect your space!

When unwanted energies seep into my vortex, I say thank you.  In other words, if someone pisses me off, I forgot to do something important, I’m thrown off my schedule, something or someone is no longer in my life — I say thank you! 

I don’t know about you, but my time felt like it was speeding by until I INTENTIONALLY slowed it down! 


The tiredness I felt in my mind and body, even though I had plenty of sleep, helped me realize how essential it was to reconnect at every possible moment with my divine essence.  I knew it was time to dive in deeper spiritually and prioritize my daily/monthly rituals that nourished my soul. I brought out many tools I learned over the last 11 years during my spiritual journey.  

I knew it was time to intuitively prioritize awakening my chakras and keep them balanced. I blew the dust off a few ‘moon’ books and opened an app I hadn’t used in a while to begin organizing my business and personal life according to the cycles of the moon. This past March, we began holding space for more workshops and private healing services at Hapiisis, so I needed to improve my cleansing and protection routine ASAP — and did!  What really surprised me was falling in love with breathwork and how gently it helped me identify my hidden areas of resistance and to release those unwanted energies from my body and spirit, through my breath. 

I came to the conclusion that by replacing my focus on “time” with an enhanced awareness of “energy”, was absolutely vital to improving my spiritual and physical health. As I became far more balanced, I was even more grateful.  I began to see my world through the most beautiful lens and I quantum leaped while laughing and yelling, THANK YOU! Thank you to my highest spirit for reminding me of my tools.

If you ever feel like time is getting the best of you, I would suggest the following: 

Reset your body’s energy points by awakening your chakras 

The Awakened Life, Chakra Healing Book by Betsy Rippentrop Ph.D and Eve Adamson is a customer favorite!  Check it out and a few more tools to help balance your body’s energy points at The Chakra Corner.


Pay attention to the cycles of the moon & plan your life accordingly. My new quote is, “The cycle is going to cycle!”

Crystal Rituals By The Moon, by Leah Shoman brings me support when I need an easy reference guide to connect with the moon cycles & the associated crystals. Discover more tools to support you during the moon cycles.


Set intentions before creating a project, attempting to manifest, or planning to set out a goal.

Some of my intentions are verbal, but I do write them down as well.  When I do, I grab my favorite leather journal.  Oh yes, and I prefer to write with a black sharpie marker so my words really pop! Check out my favorite leather journals.


Perform deep protection cleanses to your physical space, body, and belongings.

I mop our shop floors with a cleaning mix which includes Florida Water.  I follow with burning wild crystalized mint, frankincense, and a dried herb bundle or loose mix for a thorough Sacred Smoke Bath. Browse our cleansing ritual tools.



Search breathing techniques on YouTube, join your local breathwork class, or just consciously bring in a deeper awareness to your next inhale and exhale.

We hold space at Hapiisis once a month for the phenomenal breathwork instructor, Carli Michelle of the Meditation Circle. She provides yoga, meditation, and breathwork during our Breath of Fresh Air workshop. Register for a class and check out our other healing workshops.


Say thank you for life’s lessons.

Like the cycles of the moon, life will also LIFE! And you know I’m telling the truth! Hahaha! 

When unwanted energies seep into my vortex, I say thank you.  In other words, if someone pisses me off, I forgot to do something important, I’m thrown off my schedule, something or someone is no longer in my life — I say thank you! Thank you for the experience, thank you for the reminder of my forgotten knowledge, and thank you for the opportunity to learn another lesson.


Quantum leap by way of gratitude.

I think I will blog about how I quantum leap by way of gratitude in more detail soon. But simply put, I am grateful for all things in every moment, especially during the moments of uneasiness. I stop, blink, and look at my current situation by being entirely grateful – no if’s, and’s, or but’s, just gratitude! When I blink again, the room changes, the air smells different, I feel different, my heart beat slows down, the words to the music are more clear, and a smile warms my face.




Much Love + More Purpose! 



  • Posted by Shake on

    Yes, yes, and yessss! Thank you for sharing your wisdom Monét.

  • Posted by Naomi on

    “Quantum leap through gratitude” is a beautiful mantra that I know to be true as well. It consistently brings me into a state of ease and acceptance. Thank you for sharing these reflections and tools for healing. Asé.

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