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  1. Palo Santo Holy Wood
  2. Pine Bundles
  3. Copal Bundles
  4. Cedar Bundles
  5. Mugwort Bundles
  6. Dragon's Blood Bundles
  7. White Sage Bundles
  8. Serpentine Crystal, Tumbled
  9. Green Calcite Crystal, Raw
  10. Black Obsidian Crystal, Cube
  11. Red Jasper Crystal, Tumbled
  12. Raw Blue Apatite Crystal
  13. Raw Black Tourmaline
  14. Raw Cinnabar Crystal
  15. Cast Iron Palo Santo Burner
  16. 3" Cauldron
  17. Sacred Feather Fan
  18. Clarity Tarot Deck
  19. Oracle of the Radiant Sun


  • "Pretty unique store. Lots of raw crystals, organic soaps and smudging bundles. Loved it! Especially the smoke cleanse with the mint."

    Allison F.

  • "This store is such an awesome hidden gem in the noho arts district. Their resins are so potent and they have the perfect tools to with burning them. They make blended oils with herbs for your skin & have the greatest books, linen robes, candles, crystals, and more. Any time I can, I go in and support. Not to mention their customer service is outstanding and they even matched the price of their book that was Amazon. From eucalyptus bundles, to records, to clothes, they got it!"


  • "Attention all seekers of hidden gems: you've got to check out this place! The vibes are absolutely perfect. I stumbled upon it last week and picked up some palo santo, among other treasures. Today, I returned and added copal to my collection - I can't wait to cleanse my space with these goodies. The owners are incredibly friendly and accommodating, and their customer service is top-notch. Do yourself a favor and go see for yourself!"

    Juan Z.