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The Awakened Life Chakra Healing

  • $21.99

The Awakened Life, Chakra Healing

Renew Your Life Force with the Chakras' Seven Energy Centers

Author: Betsy Rippentrop Ph.D., Eve Adamson

Pages: 352

Type: Paperback

Renew your life force with the chakras' seven energy centers
Chakras--seven power sources corresponding to your nervous system--are capable of revitalizing your body and restoring your spirit--and they're all natural, so no need for any caffeine or sugar!

This book will show you how to use these seven energy sources to instill a healthy balance and a happy life. You'll find clear information on what charkras do, simple practices to open and align your chakras, tips on using chakras to feel better in all aspects of your life, methods of measuring your chakras and their energy patterns, and even techniques to reveal any hidden chronic pain or anxiety you may have.

Let the pages inside this book energize the power inside of you!

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