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Sacred Woman Journal

  • $18.00
Sacred Woman Journal
Eighty-Four Days of Reflection and Healing

Author: Queen Afua

Pages: 224

Type: Paperback

From the author of the ever-popular and celebrated Sacred Woman:
This beautifully-formatted, life-changing, interactive journal welcomes
all women to explore a blueprint for healing by connecting their
inner vision to daily, actionable steps.
The Sacred Woman Journal is a prompted guide to practicing the principles of Queen Afua’s Sacred Woman and serves as a perfect accompaniment and extension to the enduring classic. Richly expanded from the original self-published edition, The Sacred Woman Journal features:

  • mantras,
  • checklists,
  • meditations, and 
  • prayers to inspire a reader’s journey through twelve healing gateways. 

Over a twelve-week period, this guided journal provides a tailored canvas of profound possibilities, revelations, visions, and lessons learned, and offers a road map to self-enlightenment designed to not only reset and recharge the body, but to realize the purpose held within the heart and reclaim the full transformative power of the mind and the spirit.

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