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Prickly Pear Soap Bar

  • $7.00
Prickly Pear

An energizing rosemary/mint essential oil blend with wildcrafted prickly pear cactus & soothing organic aloe.

Oppuntia spp: Large edible cacti, native to America with flat, spiny, gelatinous and juicy deep red fruit

- Purifying Clay
- Energizing Scent
- Exfoliating Texture
- Soothing Aloe

Ingredients: saponified certified organic vegetable oils (extra virgin olive, coconut, sustainable palm, sunflower, castor), distilled water, essential oils (rosemary, lavandin, benzoin, spearmint, tea tree), rose kaolin clay, certified organic & wild prickly pear cactus, certified organic aloe vera juice, sea salt, wild red sandalwood, cosmetic grade pigments

Size: 3.5 oz. bar  

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