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Premium Beeswax Dipped Candles

  • $14.00
Terra Cotta
Natural Gold
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Beeswax Dipped Candles 

100% Beeswax Dipped Candles
Cotton Wick
Mica Minerals

Size/Color: 10" L - Natural Gold, Charcoal (Dark), Grey (Light), Eucalyptus, Burgundy (Dark) Reg. $17.00
Size/Color: 14" L - Terra Cotta (Light) Reg. $21.00

Quantity: One Pair (2 candles)
Each candle is handcrafted with care and dipped over 25 times.

Why beeswax is our favorite?
  • When burned, beeswax candles emit negative ions that purify the air making it the cleanest burning wax available.
  • When you purchase beeswax products, you are supporting the bee farmers who colonize and encourage bee reproduction.
  • Beeswax naturally smells like honey and wildflowers!

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