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Plant Spirit Medicine

  • $22.95
Plant Spirit Medicine
Author: Nicola McIntosh
Pages: 208
Type: Hardback, Full-Color Photography Throughout
Our modern world is traveling at such a speed, we have become separated from the natural world, which should be sustaining us physically, emotionally and spiritually. This book is about reconnecting with nature and the plants in our environment; it's also about learning to listen to the plants and applying what they have to tell us to mend that disconnection.
Indigenous peoples from all around the world have worked with plant spirits for thousands of years, and this is how they came to know what specific plants were used for. Here you will learn how to listen to the plant spirits and access their medicine. You will also learn about plant spirit medicine making, from drying herbs to extracting plant properties to infusing oils, and how to make ointments, lotions, creams, smudge sticks and more herbal products.
Plant Spirit Medicine can help heal the parts of our soul and psyche that so desperately need it at this time in the story of humanity.

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