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Little Bit of Self-Care Boxed Set

  • $30.00

Little Bit of Self-Care 3-Book Boxed Set

Author: Stevenson & Mercree

Pages: 384

Type: Three Hardcover Books

In this fast-paced world that seems tailored to produce short attention spans, it's important to learn mindfulness techniques for accessing and creating a peaceful inner place. Meditation can decrease anxiety and improve the quality of our experience on Earth, and yoga is still practiced today as a means to physical, mental, and spiritual health.

This Little Bit of Self-Care boxed set includes the introductory knowledge of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga, and presents them with gorgeous diagrams, visuals, and accessible text. With this set, anyone can learn to access a healthier mindset with mindfulness, the practical applications of meditation, and some of the basic postures practiced in yoga. This set is a crucial addition to any person's self-care library.


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