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Letters to a Starseed

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Letters to a Starseed
Messages and Activations for Remembering Who You Are and Why You Came Here
Author: Rebecca Campbell
Dimensions: 5.44 "W x 8.31 "H x 0.64 "D
Pages: 256
An inspirational guide for understanding your soul and discovering why it chose to incarnate at the moment it did.

From the author of The Starseed Oracle, Rebecca Campbell, a writer, mystic, devotional creative, and visionary who supports hundreds of thousands of people to connect with their soul and weave the sacred back into their everyday life.

“A leading voice in spirituality, Rebecca's work is deep and illuminating.”
 Soul and Spirit Magazine


Tap into the cosmic nature of your soul, discover your purpose and commit to being here on Earth.

Letters to a Starseed asks the biggest questions that mystics and philosophers through the ages have been asking: What is the soul, where did it originate and why have we chosen to come here at this time?


This is a book for those who at times feel misplaced in the world; those who have always felt a remembering of some other place without quite knowing what that place really is.

As a planet, we are waking up to the fact that the ancient prophecies and warnings from the elders and wise ones are no longer predictions, but our waking reality. They are not just coming or even near ... we are living them right now.

What we do now matters to the future of this planet. And we all have a role to play.

Some Letters to a Starseed Chapter Titles include:

· Who Are We and Where Did We Come From?

· The Moment of Your Birth

· What Is a Starseed?

· Ancient Stars in Our Bones

· Reaching Back to the Ancients

· Here We Are

· Returning

· The Longing for Home

· I Remember

· Why Did You Come Here?

· There Must Be More Than This

· Why Did You Choose to Come?

· We All Have a Role to Play, but Only We Know What

· Our Role Is

· There You Are

· I Have Music in My Heart

· Finding Our Ground

· Starseed Roles

· Plant Yourself Here

· How to Feel More at Home on Earth

· The Challenge of Being Human

· Incarnation

· The Original Severing

· Plant Yourself Here

We are living in a time between myths and stories, and are currently re-weaving the fabric of life on Earth. Throughout this book, Rebecca shares insights and experiences illuminating the connection between our souls, the Earth and the cosmos, to encourage you to commit fully to your incarnation, embrace your human experience and plant yourself here.

“Throughout the book you’ll find two prompts, which will support you on your journey as you read.

“In many chapters, you’ll find Soul Inquiry prompts that will help you hear the calls of your soul as you journey through the book.

“In some chapters, you’ll also find activations. These are here to support you in activating and integrating energies and healing within you, from your soul to your cells.

“My hope for this book is that it supports, comforts, and inspires you to remember who you truly are and why you chose to be here at this pivotal moment in the story of humanity. To commit fully to being here and being present to your life on Earth at this time.

“To encourage you to play the note that you came here to play, without waver.

“Do you remember why you’ve come?


Rebecca x

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