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Herbal dressed intention candle

  • $40.00

Our herbal dressed intention candles are created to provide support based on the intentions preset.  The intentions are also heightened when the candle is layered with essential oils, resins, herbs, flowers, and crystals. 


*Local pick up in-store only. 

We want to ensure your candle arrives at your destination safely and in tact. 


11135 Weddington Street, Suite 116

North Hollywood, Ca 91601


Size: May vary, but most candles are 3x6 inches.


Important: Do not burn candle unattended.  Do not burn candle for longer than one hour. 


Tip: Use a candle snuffer or the tip of your fingers to put out the flame.  Blowing out the candle is said to release the energies placed in the candle.


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