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Healing Your Inner Child: Re-Parenting Yourself

  • $17.99

Re-parenting yourself for a more secure & loving life

Author: Natasha Levinger

Pages: 224

Type: Paperback


What if you could reach the most innocent part of yourself and treat that essential being with kindness? Author Natasha Levinger teaches how to locate this inner child, get to know them, and parent this most vulnerable part of yourself so that you can self-soothe even when the world around you is chaotic. By eliminating false personal narratives and creating a nurturing inner voice, you can heal past traumas and live in the present with understanding and grace.

Levinger investigates crucial questions, such as:

• How can dysfunction from our caregivers affect us?

• How and in what way can we feel loved and regulate our nervous system?

• How can we access our higher self through chakra-based meditation, then use that protective force to communicate with our inner child?

Levinger is the perfect guide on this journey, providing plenty of useful exercises, strategies, and journal prompts along the way.

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