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Clear Spirit: the Life-Changing Power of Energy Clearing

  • $19.99

Author: Joanne Brocas

Pages: 176

Clear Spirit is a breakthrough energy-clearing book that can help you discover all about the life-changing power of energy clearing. Joanne Brocas will introduce you to different kinds of energy factors that at times can adversely affect you, your loved ones, your pets, and the atmosphere of your home/work environment in a variety of ways.

You will be guided through a selection of easy steps and protocols to clear any nonbeneficial energy and to restore harmony, vitality, joy, and your soul's creative power—the exact power that we require to heal, to express our abilities, and to manifest our goals and deepest desires into reality.

Through specific energy-clearing prayer treatments and the simple use of a tool called the pendulum (or not), they will help clear energetic stress, imbalance, resistance, and fear that can interfere with, block, or delay continued health, joy, creativity, and ever-greater levels of abundance.


Type: Paperback

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