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Clarity Tarot Deck

  • $24.99

The 78 cards in this tarot deck offer 78 ways to communicate with spirit. Each card contains paragraphs of information not only about day-to-day life but also ways to improve life's trajectory, and so the secrets of the Tarot are brought to light for anyone to clearly hear the powerful messages that will resonate with the soul.

Each of the 78 cards has correspondences for “yes” and “no” as well as keywords for Love and Money, some of the most-asked questions in cartomancy. One will know not only what the cards are trying to say, but how to say it in a way that is completely unbiased, centered, and supportive for oneself or for someone who may be needing direction.

The art of mediumship can also be learned by using this deck, if desired, in order to communicate with those beyond the veil. It’s a deck that celebrates all cultures with its rich images, to reflect the diverse world we live in today.



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