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Blissful Baths: Ritual Deck

  • $25.00

Blissful Baths: 40 Rituals For Self-Care Card Deck

Author: Amy Leigh Mercree

Pages: 64 cards, 64-page guidebook


What's a more perfect self-care moment than a blissful soak in the tub? This 40-card deck is the perfect gift, filled with a variety of different baths, each containing the perfect mix of essential oils, crystals, flowers, and other refreshing ingredients for relaxation, intention-setting, alignment, and more.

Each card contains a "recipe" with ingredients on one side and an intention or mantra on the other. Whether the intention is to invite happiness by filling up the tub with lemon peel and daisies for the Inner Smile bath or preparing for a Focus on Your Senses bath with rosemary and sea salt, there's something for everyone in this charming, colorful card deck.



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