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A Peek Into Vedic Wellness

  • $16.99
Author: Vishnupriya Thacker
Pages: 96, with Color Illustrations
A Peek into Vedic Wellness, as the name suggests, is a peek: a short but succinct initiation into the ancient dietary theory of Vedic wellness both for interested readers as well as those who are curious about holistic wellness in general.
The book will introduce you to fundamental concepts for mind-body-soul alignment in a question-and-answer format that allows for easy comprehension of this 5,000-year-old medical science from India. A perfect primer for the author's other title, Vedic Transformation. This book contains specific information on dietary balance, stress reduction, improving digestion, and many other health benefits.
This life-changing little book is a distinct, preliminary view into Ayurveda, spiritual healing, and Vedic guidance for mind-body-soul alignment that will whet every reader's appetite for knowledge!

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