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Wild Crystalized Mint

  • $5.00

Harvested from the wild mint Mentha Arvensis in India.

Wild Crystalized Mint is 100% naturally derived from the oil of the plant and can be used in numerous ways. They are popular for their cooling and refreshing attributes as well as their strong minty aroma.

- 100% Natural

- Sourced from India

- Size: 1 ounce

- Variety of Uses Wild Crystalized Mint are used in many different cosmetic applications and products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, hair and skin creams, soaps, throat lozenges, muscle rubs, cooling agents and more. They are also often used in spa treatments, showers, baths, steam rooms and dry saunas. Wild Crystalized Mint are solid at room temperature and have a melting point of between 95°F and 111°F. When using Wild Crystalized Mint as sacred smoke, be sure to not leave it unattended.

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